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Several years ago, I stumbled across lacto-fermentation while looking for an alternative to canning; I was tired of burning my hands and heating up my kitchen on summer evenings in pursuit of a more sustainable diet. Little did I realize that there was a simpler, ancient method of food preservation that would transform the way I think about health and food.


Studies are now revealing the importance of not only a balanced diet, but one that is rich in probiotic bacteria. Many aspects of our health depend upon a vibrant inner ecosystem, and the good news is that we can develop that ecosystem through the things we choose to eat and drink.


Traditional societies around the world have long depended upon cultured food and beverages to enhance their health, enjoy new tastes and to preserve the harvest. North Americans have gradually lost the knowledge and skills to produce these items, but today more and more people are beginning to enjoy their very own, home-made cultured food and drinks.

Gaining new skills alongside your friends and family is an excellent way to enhance your community and to promote creativity. Even if you don’t consider yourself a great chef, cultured food and beverages are so simple that they can become a regular feature in any kitchen.