Reflecting on: Prices and Fees

This is the area I have struggled with the most, since starting The Living Kitchen. Part of the problem is that fermentation (though certainly rising in popularity) is still somewhat niche. Finding comparable services and products is tricky, especially since fermentation is applicable to so many different services – from naturopaths to chefs! I also tend to undervalue my own services, assuming that since this is something I enjoy it must not be worth very much to others.

When I began learning about fermentation I tried to be as spartan about it as possible. I used jars from the recycling bin, produce from the discount rack and kept notes on scraps of paper. Now I use apps to track my ferments and develop recipes, I seek out farmers market gems for special batches and import specialty jars for my cultures to thrive. I have come to appreciate my work more, and now know that investing in this practice only makes it more fruitful and enjoyable.

What also makes it more enjoyable is involving others; when speaking with people at festivals and workshops, it is clear that hands-on instruction is what people want. Though there are books and websites to help you along, having another person who can join you and share their experience and skill with you is of no comparison! It also seems to me that this ancient art is best shared in the way it has been for centuries: through communities coming together to work and learn together, while also just enjoying one anthers company. We are meant to do this together!

Bringing these warm-fuzzy ideas together into a price doesn’t feel natural, but I have accepted that this is part of running a business. For that reason you can now find my prices listed on the website. I am also now offering a selection of Masontops products, and Kefirko Kits! These will be available for sale at festivals and of course at private workshops – where you will receive a discount!

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