Kefirko Kits

IMG_0833When I started fermenting, I did all I could to make it simple and inexpensive. I salvaged jars from the recycling bin and produce from the discount rack; never would I have considered purchasing specialized equipment for my food adventures. Fast forward to today, and I have changed my tune.

Kefirko is based in Slovenia and got its start through Kickstarter. It has grown in popularity because the Kefirko Kit is everything the home fermentista looks for: BPA free glass, compact and multi-use, with handy optional attachments. Plus, this kit includes a book of kefir recipes – straight outta Slovenia.

I primarily wanted this kit to make my milk kefir routine simpler and healthier. I tend to make a big batch, then store the grains in the fridge for a few days until the next batch is needed. But this doesn’t result in very vibrant grains. They want to work! But it always seemed like such a hassle to be straining out the grains (they’re harder to find than water kefir grains!) and finding another jar for them. Kefirko has made it a one-stop shop.

Once I build up my supply, I plan to give this a try on water kefir (handy, the strainer has two sizes to accommodate both sizes of grain). But maybe I just need two. Fortunately, they come in four jazzy colours.

While it is tricky to source this item in Canada, Masontops is where I have found mine – and is my supplier for The Living Kitchen. I will have Kefirko Kits for sale at festivals and public events for $60, but if I see you at a workshop they will be $50 😉

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