An App for That

I added three new cultures to my collection this year, bringing the total to seven! This has me planning new workshops for the coming year and learning as much as I can about how best to care for these little wonders. And of course, how best to enjoy them!

Viili yogurt has been a big hit in our house. It has a less sour taste than conventional yogurt and we are looking forward to experimenting with some flavourings – if we can stop eating it long enough to build up a larger batch! My son calls it “stretchy yogurt” and likes to slurp it rather than scoop it from his bowl.


I purchased a Jun culture at the Ontario Fermentation Festival this year. Not a lot is known about this culture and we are still getting to know one another. But Jun is similar to kombucha, fermenting green tea and honey into a sweet-tart tonic.


And Gingerbeer, my new favourite. I love ginger anything so we were bound to hit it off. By the second batch this was a very active culture, fully revitalized after its trip through the mail. I am contemplating other flavour combinations but for now just enjoying the ginger fizz!

Keeping these three new cultures happy, in addition to my water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha and sourdough cultures has been a bit of a juggling act. Though some can take a break in the fridge I like to keep everyone active, and that means tracking a lot of fermentation. Different cultures have different periods of fermentation, different feeding needs and sometimes different temperature needs. And there are seven of them!

Last year I downloaded Fermentor, an app that tracks fermentation times and sends you a reminder when its time to move to the next step. It comes preloaded with a few templates for making your own hot sauce and other simple ferments, but I have primarily used my own. It’s been very handy but does take some getting used to, I wish some parts of it were a bit slicker but it is the best one out there. And it’s free!



2 thoughts on “An App for That

  1. I am bottling 2 litres of Jun every three days right now. We have it down to a fine art, and that’s only since the fermentation festival.
    I have officially given up on kombucha since we love the Jun so much. And the kombucha takes 2-3 weeks vs 3 days.
    I am very interested in your gingerbeer. Ginger is a flavour we LOVE in our house. Please tell more about it!


    1. You can be sure gingerbeer is going to be getting its own post pretty soon! But it is exactly what I hoped for, being a lover of ginger as well – spicy, tart and bubbly!


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