Failures and Waiting

A year ago, I had to cancel a public workshop I was offering because there wasn’t enough interest to cover the cost of renting the space and insuring the event. I was five months pregnant and had just started out with The Living Kitchen, not sure where this business was going to take me and not sure I’d have the energy to go far. Having to cancel felt like such a failure, and I wondered if I should keep this business going.

Rather than packing it in, I waited. I kept offering workshops, and setting up at festivals. I made more contacts and expanded my offerings.

Fermentation has taught me a lot about waiting. Regardless of all the work that is done at the start of the process, I have to just wait for probiotic bacteria to do its thing – and sometimes it doesn’t seem anything is happening! Quietly percolating, that sauerkraut looks like a spoiling jar of cabbage but when its time comes, a lovely surprise awaits.

Last week I was speaking with one of the organizers at the Codrington Community Centre (where I had cancelled my workshop last year). She told me that, seeing how difficult it was to cover my costs, they now offer a special rate for Health Living instructors who commit to a series of events. What felt like such a complete failure actually paved the way for me to have better access to space for public events!

You can expect a fantastic series (at an affordable price) being offered in Codrington in 2018!

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