2018 Workshop Offerings

Each year I create a selection of workshops that cover topics of interest for the beginning fermenter, as well as the more experienced. Let me know what you would like to see in next year’s lineup! Each workshop is being offered once this year at the Codrington Community Centre (discounted at $40/person), or you can book any of these as a home workshop for friends and family ($60/person).

Signature Series

These workshops are excellent introductions to fermentation, covering everything you need to know to get started with beverages, vegetables and sourdough.

Bubbly Beverages

Become familiar with ferments like water kefir, kombucha and whey-based drinks. These beverages are versatile and delicious, able to be tailored to your family’s tastes. We will make a whey-based drink to take home, and participants can also choose between a water kefir or kombucha culture to take home

Fermenting Vegetables

Learn the principles for creating safe and enjoyable vegetable ferments at home. Participants will create a 500ml jar of veggie “pickles” to take home, along with recipes for other vegetable ferments.

Sourdough Basics

Learn how to keep and bake with a live sourdough culture, then make some sourdough cookies to take home and enjoy! Each participant will also be given a live sourdough culture to take home, along with recipes for other sourdough creations. 

Cultured Cook Series

These workshops go beyond introductory fermentation topics to give participants a wider view of what is possible with ferments.

Cultured Condiments

Upgrade your BBQ season with cultured condiments! Discover the many ways of fermenting using different starters, and how to select the best type for your condiment. We will be making our own fermented ketchup and mustard to take home, well as the recipes for relish and BBQ sauce.

Nacho Night

Tucking in to nachos never felt so healthy! We will pack three different types of ferments into our nachos, including creme fraiche, guacamole and pickled jalapenos. Come enjoy a snack and take home your own jar of prepared guacamole mix, in addition to take-home recipes.

Super Ginger

Ginger is such a versatile flavour that lends itself to a variety of contexts. We will learn about ginger beer, how to use fermented ginger as a condiment, and will also create a ginger sauerkraut to take home. Each participant will also be able to take home a genuine ginger beer culture to continue enjoying in their own kitchen.

Kombucha Master Class

Find out how to keep a vibrant kombucha culture in your own home, how to flavour your brew and what to do with your extra SCOBYs. Learn from an experienced instructor and home-brewer, take home recipes, handouts and of course your own kombucha SCOBY. This delicious and naturally fermented drink is revered for its balancing and probiotic qualities – join the many others who LOVE keeping this culture in their kitchen!

Bonus: Once you have taken a workshop with The Living Kitchen, you get access to our Living Kitchen Insiders Facebook Group! This is a great way to keep in touch with others who are stretching their skills in this area, share recipes and get inspiration for your own creations.

Seminar: The Wonders of Fermentation

This is a great introduction to fermentation, and I love presenting it to groups large or small. We cover what fermentation is, how human beings have been using it throughout our history, and why this practice is making such a splash today. Plus we always get into interesting Q&A!