A Community of Fermenters

When I started The Living Kitchen I had hoped that I would find people in our area who were interested in fermentation, and create a community. Fermentation has always belonged to the village, rather than an individual. This could be because shared work is sweeter or because no one needs 20 litres of sourdough starter all to themselves! Ultimately, the excitement of seeing your cultures grow and create inspires sharing – we want to show one another and share new tastes and experiences.

One of the hard things about moving provinces two years ago was leaving behind the people from whom I learned my fermentation skills, the people who shared cultures and joined me in learning how to create our own unique ferments, and of course those who came out to my first workshops and with whom I was able to share my growing knowledge. I hoped that I would find such people here in Northumberland, and bring my ferments out of my individual kitchen and into a community of fermenters.

I certainly felt this sense of community at the first workshop of the year:


And in the last month I have seen that community grow! My first workshop for 2018 sold out prior to the end of registration, and the next is already half sold; the newsletter list has grown to nearly 70 members; the facebook page has reached 50 likes! While I don’t like to get hung up on numbers, you’re telling me there is something here that you want to be a part of.

It is so exciting to see this part of The Living Kitchen develop; people are what make any endeavour worthwhile. I have begun a Living Kitchen Insiders facebook group to keep us all in touch following a workshop. If you have taken a workshop with me, join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2016510235290118/ 

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