Where I Work

My baby turned one year old last month, and marked the occasion by starting to walk. All the feelings! And now that he is one year old I am sometimes asked, “So, are you returning to work?” which is a complicated question, because of course we moved provinces between children and completely turned our professional lives upside down and I never did find work in my field before having this second baby.


Yet the Living Kitchen was born in that year we moved, and I have been quietly building it up whenever I can. So while I am not returning to work I have found that yes, this seems to be the year when I will be able to stretch my wings a bit more and throw myself into this new work in a more focused way. So, where do I work?

All over the place! When I step into my kitchen in the morning, I check my fermentation station to see if there is something I’m supposed to be doing (like feeding a sourdough or straining kefir).

Lately when I get some time to focus I have six or seven tabs open on my browser along with the spreadsheets and photos on my desktop. I can’t believe how many new programs I have learned to use in the last year, from Excel to Desygner to MailChimp and more. I even jumped on Instagram this year!


Then there is the brainstorming and research time when I most revel in my work, discovering new ways of presenting materials or digging up obscure fermentation facts.

Then of course there are the workshops and seminars themselves, which will take me to Brighton, Codrington and Warkworth in the next couple of weeks. What a great way to see spring coming to Northumberland and Trent Hillls!


And finally, a big perk of running a fermentation business: shopping for new fermentation tools. I love The Village Pantry in Warkworth and from that store I treated my kombucha to a new home in February: a crock that is specially designed for this lovely culture. Having such an attractive vessel has also meant I’ve moved my kombucha out onto the hall hutch, so in more ways than one my work is spreading out of the kitchen!

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