Letting Help Happen

March was busy, and then April was a whirlwind. Did you see me on TV? Were you at The Natural for my seminar? Shortly after that week my body just said, No! I was more sick than I have been in years – so much so, I ended up needing antibiotics. That is difficult to admit, for someone who loves beneficial bacteria. But it happened. Then the hard work of bringing my body back into balance began. I have been super strict with diet and bedtime, getting serious about consuming my kimchi/sauerkraut/yogurt every day, and even picked up some probiotic pills. Gasp!

IMG_2819I have been somewhat skeptical about how effective probiotic pills can be. At least, I know that probiotics is a very new area of research and much of that research is funded by that industry. But when you want to be well, you pick up any tool at your disposal. And I am coming back from the brink. Is it the probiotics? Lifestyle and diet? All of the above?

It has been a humbling month, and I have yet again learned to accept help when I would rather believe I am self-sufficient. Hopefully I will take some of that awareness with me as I prepare to launch into another busy couple of months!

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