A New View

When I started this business, it was because I loved helping people learn new things, and I loved the world of fermentation. I did not expect that I would also grow to love the kind of technical, creative work that is needed to develop a social media presence.

Though I have never felt very comfortable with social media, running a business today means making use of this major avenue of communication.  Last year I was was able to attend a workshop at the OAFVC about small business and social media, provided by Brand Ambition. My eyes were opened: “if you could be with your client every day, why wouldn’t you?” Fortunately there are a lot of fun people who follow The Living Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram – you all make me want to post more! So, although I still don’t like to broadcast my life for the Twittersphere, I catch myself actually enjoying social media when I am using it for The Living Kitchen’s purposes. IMG-3424

I loved that first workshop so much, I took the follow-up photography workshop last week. I have been trying out the new ideas generated from this workshop – and can’t wait to edit and plan them all out for different platforms! I still struggle to keep a daily Instagram presence but I’m proud of what I do manage to put up, and I hope you enjoy seeing kombucha scobys in their best possible light.

Snapseed (4)

This week I spent some time capturing images to use in upcoming workshops. It was so fun to find new ways to show the process of fermentation – things often look ‘just so’ right before I get to work, and everything is completely new by the time I’m done. Fortunately I had my mom to help capture a few shots, and to keep an eye on the feisty toddler’s snack time! My mom originally trained to work in advertising, and I can hardly believe what she used to do, to produce a colour image in the 1980s. But some things stay the same – like colour, composition, and good taste!

2 thoughts on “A New View

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Yes I do offer a sourdough class, but don’t have any scheduled at this time. I also provide home workshops on demand, so if you have a few friends also interested in sourdough we can arrange for a sourdough workshop in your home! Visit the “Hosting a Workshop” page on this website, for more info.


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