A Little Bit of Everything

It is the time of year for festivals and markets, and for me that means filling out a lot of paperwork in order to be a vendor at those events. One of the aspects of that paperwork includes defining The Living Kitchen, which is tricky; this business is so unique, there is never a category for me! But I suppose that is what makes it all so fun.

In the last couple of weeks, I feel like I have been able to really challenge myself and have had to keep on my toes.  I have talked about The Wonders of Fermentation, taught my Cultured Condiments workshop, done my first Master Class on Kombucha, and wrapped it all up with an encore workshop on Bubbly Beverages. I guess the only type of ferment missing is sourdough…and it’s far too hot for baking.

This month I also challenged myself to post more on social media, and have really been enjoying the impromptu photo shoots that happen in my kitchen. Staging, editing, hashtagging…and yet the kefir grains have no idea they’re on the internet.

I also allowed myself to purchase a new cookbook, Batch. Though it covers many different types of food preservation, the flavour combinations and resourcefulness of the authors is making it a very interesting read. I just might get into dehydrating. Kimchi flakes on your salad, anyone?

It’s always more fun, a little outside the box!

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