What a Month

What a month, what a week! Last week I was beginning to do some promotion for September’s Nacho Night workshop. I was planning out when I would get time to make some more salsa and guacamole mix for that event since we ate all the ones I had prepped… and then on Friday I was faced with an unexpected ultimatum: either use the year’s profits (plus some) to get a new commercial insurance policy or end all my business activity. It was quite a shock.

Earlier this month I felt so affirmed in the work of The Living Kitchen at the Ontario Fermentation Festival, and have been really enjoying the contacts that event has produced. Living Kitchen’s Facebook page hit 100 “likes” and the newsletter group is well past 100 subscribers, now. I have been finding new people to work with, to bring you new types of fermentation and workshop experiences. It seemed like a great time for Living Kitchen to flourish!

I have been back and forth many times in the last couple of days on what the future would hold for this business. I would love to take the gamble, buy the big insurance policy and put my all into growing Living Kitchen in order to pay for it and expand my offerings. But at the same time, my time is not entirely my own. My firstborn is starting school this fall, my husband is running in the municipal election, and I have started a part-time job. All the unknowns that these situations represent did not give me confidence in my ability to grow The Living Kitchen. That is, not right now.

I have been angry, frustrated, grieved – it was such a topsy-turvy weekend. But I’m confident this is the best decision I can make, right now. In the meantime I am looking forward to the new things our family will experience this autumn. I am also going to continue blogging here, and using Facebook and Instagram to bring you new fermentation ideas and recipes. My newsletter group will still receive updates on what’s happening and will be the first to know when I am able to start offering workshops once again.

What do you hope to see, when I return? Send me a note and let’s keep in touch!

One thought on “What a Month

  1. Lovely that you chose to follow your heart! Your business will always be ready when you are, are baby and family however is not the same. I loved your demos at the fermentation festival, you were my favorite! Blessings to you and your family.


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