Hot September Supper

It cooled down last week, and I jumped at the chance to make chicken stock. We took out the a/c unit from our bedroom and rejoiced in having our full window back. Autumn was coming, along with the easy soups and stews. Then the heat returned, along with the daily struggle, “what supper won’t heat up the kitchen too much?”

Tonight I stood in front of the open fridge long enough to notice I still had some fermented veggies tucked away! My mix of onion, celery and carrots make an easy start to most meals. I wouldn’t have to sauté them till soft, and they’re already packed with flavour. So that goes in the pot along with some leftover chicken, corn and stock.

Everything was just brought to hot – no simmering necessary, with fermented veggies. I soaked some rice noodles in cold water and added that to make this a chicken noodle bowl. Fermented veggies brought some sour, corn brought some sweet, and supper is served. Somehow we are having soup for supper on a hot September evening – and the kitchen isn’t steamy!

If I was actually planning for this meal I think it would be great as a base for hot and sour flavours. Or maybe a sliced bell pepper would add a bit more colour.

The fermented veggie mix I used is a simple mix of five ingredients:

Four onions

Six cloves of garlic

Six carrots

Six ribs of celery

1-2 Tbsp of salt

Chop all your veggies as you would like them to be in your meals: maybe a fine mince for dishes when you want them to blend in, but more roughly chopped if you plan to use this for stir fries.

If you mince, you may massage your ingredients with the salt and get enough brine to submerge all ingredients in their own juices.

If you have larger chunks of veggies, you will need to make a brine by adding the salt to just enough water to cover the veggies. Be sure and use non-chlorinated water.

With veggies submerged, you can close your jar and allow them to ferment 3-7 days, depending on the temperature of your kitchen and how firm vs sour you want your mix to be. Then move to cold storage and use to start your next meal!

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