MayJune2018 162One day, my spouse bought me a fantastic birthday gift: an online course about home fermentation. He knew I had been looking for ways to produce more of our food at home, and was growing weary of canning and freezing all our winter stores. As I discovered the world of fermentation, I was amazed by how simple this method was – no special equipment, no burning my hands on canning jars, and sometimes no recipe! Since that first introduction I have invested many more hours learning from others, experimenting and creating new recipes.

As local, organic and artisanal food products increase in popularity, many people are beginning to find kombucha, sauerkraut and the like on their store shelves and at farmers markets. There are many opportunities to try out the flavours and textures of cultured goods – but why not make them yourself? Home fermentation is far more economical and can be tailored to your family’s preferences.

From large community groups, to festivals and to small home workshops I love meeting new people and hearing how fermentation is altering the way they think about food and health. But what is most exciting is seeing these ancient arts revived in our modern setting.

– Andrea

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