A New View

When I started this business, it was because I loved helping people learn new things, and I loved the world of fermentation. I did not expect that I would also grow to love the kind of technical, creative work that is needed to develop a social media presence. Though I have never felt very comfortable with social media, running a business today means making use … Continue reading A New View

Collaboration Over Competition

One of the beautiful things about the microbial world is the symbiosis with which these tiny beings live. Surprisingly few bacteria are out to destroy and conquer; most seem to just want a quiet nook with their needs met. And in response to that satisfaction, they produce some enzyme or acid needed by some other mild-mannered neighbour. It is surprising how much cooperation there is … Continue reading Collaboration Over Competition

Where I Work

My baby turned one year old last month, and marked the occasion by starting to walk. All the feelings! And now that he is one year old I am sometimes asked, “So, are you returning to work?” which is a complicated question, because of course we moved provinces between children and completely turned our professional lives upside down and I never did find work in … Continue reading Where I Work

A Community of Fermenters

When I started The Living Kitchen I had hoped that I would find people in our area who were interested in fermentation, and create a community. Fermentation has always belonged to the village, rather than an individual. This could be because shared work is sweeter or because no one needs 20 litres of sourdough starter all to themselves! Ultimately, the excitement of seeing your cultures … Continue reading A Community of Fermenters

Soaked Oats

When it’s January and I’m spending my evenings reading up on everything sourdough-related, I can’t help but get a nice carb-craving going. But carbs have such a bad rep these days: The gluten! The FODMAPs! Or perhaps you’re going Paleo or Keto for the new year? Carbs have few friends these days, it seems. Fortunately you can take steps to ensure that the grains you … Continue reading Soaked Oats