Fermentation Tools

Though fermentation is a simple process, a few specialized tools can make it easier in the modern kitchen. Upgrade your fermentation supplies with the products made available through The Living Kitchen! I offer products for sale at workshops, seminars and at festivals, but do not ship items at this time.

The Living Kitchen Mini Kit: $20

(includes one weight, one airlock and one mason jar)

Also for Sale Individually:

Pickle Pipe Fermentation Airlock: $10

Pickle Pebble Fermentation Weight: $10

5L Kombucha Crock: $80

Made specifically for kombucha, this crock makes brewing much easier with the use of a spigot. All the materials are made to withstand the long-term and acidic environment of kombucha brewing. The lid is breathable to allow for oxygen flow, and is also writable – use the included white pen to write your brew date on the black rim! This is the same crock I use for my own brew at home – my SCOBY insisted on being featured in the photos.

5L Fermentation Crock: $80


Much cheaper than ceramic options, this crock includes a smooth ceramic weight and simple water lock to provide an anaerobic environment for your ferments. The black rim is writable using the included white pencil – keep track of when your batch will be ready!

There is also a booklet of recipes and instructions to keep you trying new things. This crock is a great, big, blank canvas for fermenters ready to make large volumes of their favourite ferment.

Living Kitchen Culture Caps: $10

Locally made just for The Living Kitchen and 100% cotton, these caps are designed to fit over any mason jar while still allowing for oxygen flow. Ideal for those keeping water or milk kefir, mesophilic yogurts, small batches of kombucha or ginger beer, etc. I even picked out the fabric myself. If you’re going to see your Cap sitting on your countertop every day…it needs to look nice!