Freebie: Ferments Tracker

Here is your link to download your free Ferments Tracker. I hope this chart helps you track your method and hone your fermenting skills!


Click FermentsTracker to download the PDF file, then print and enjoy!


Simply fill in the type of ferment you are doing, when you started it and when you move it to cold storage. Use “Notes For Next Time” to remind yourself of new things to try: to leave your ferment for longer if you want it more tart, or to try a second ferment if you want more bubbles in your kefir, etc.

There is even a handy guide at the bottom to help you remember what temperature is ideal for your ferment.

You can also use this chart to remind yourself when you need to check your ferment – just note the future date you plan to give your kombucha a test sip, for example.

Post your Ferments Tracker on your fridge, or make it reusable by keeping it in a photo frame and using a washable marker on the glass.